Yoga Monster Mat

Which Yoga Monster Mat?

There are several such mats available on the market, and each one has its own distinctive qualities. So to stop you from getting too confused, I've chosen some of the better known monster mats and have summarized them here for you - along with a review of each of them by my friend Simon, a Hatha yoga practitioner.

The Yoga Monster Mat by Bean Products

This mat is longer than a regular mat at 72”. It is a cheap environmentally friendly mat, and does not contain phthalates, dioxins or furans. It is made from PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) which is a more eco-friendly product than PVC. I like that it is machine washable - it takes all of the effort out of keeping it clean! This has to be one of the best inexpensive eco-mats around.

Simon says: I was hoping for great things with this mat. Its high standard eco-credentials really spoke to me, and I read it had been SGS Certified and that it tested as having non-measurable levels of phthalates. When it arrived I was not to be disappointed. For the price, this is a fantastic yoga mat, if you want to salve your conscience by buying green, then you should get one of these. It's excellent for yoga and won't destroy the planet either.

The Yoga Monster Mat by Beachbody

Sometimes you are looking for something that's just a little bit different, like the this Mat from Beachbody. This black mat is great value at only $29.95 direct from their website, but I've also seen it on sale even cheaper, so it's worth doing a bit of research – it could save you a few bucks. With its dual sided surface it gives great traction on both sides, and it also has an embedded layer of fabric mesh so that it wears well and is more durable than other mats of a similar style. It's sticky, yet soft and at 3mm thick it is perfect for cushioning even the most sensitive parts of your body.

Simon says: The description says it all really. The traction is better than average, and the dual sides mean you don't wear down one side faster than the other. And it looks good!

The Yoga Monster Mat by P90X

This mat is recommend for use with the P90X workout routine. It's a blue, textured, sticky mat that is great for limiting the impact from floor work.

Simon says: Although I could find very little in the way of product specification for this mat, when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of mats like this tend to flatten quickly with use, but this one kept its cushioning and support really well. It was a bit smelly, but I've come to expect that over the years, and I know the smell soon wears off.

These are just three of the yoga monster mats that you can currently buy. Simon said that they all performed well during yoga classes and were worth the money.