Yoga Mat Tote Bag Trends

 Yoga Mat Tote Bag the latest trends..

Keeping up with all the latest trends can take a bit of effort. So it's good to know that the Yoga Mat Tote Bag is still number one when it comes to yoga mat carriers. And this season the designs are looking better than ever! Environmentally friendly and green eco-products are still taking center stage, and with last year 2012 having been an Olympic year, all eyes are on sports fashion and accessories as well.

Here at Yoga HQ, we are loving the Yogitoes rUNIVERSE®. It looks stunning and has serious green credentials. Made from something called rPET® (don't Yogitoes just love their upper case letters!), this material is what they call a “100% post-consumer polyester fiber”, this translates as 'being made entirely from recycled plastic bottles'. Each tote uses 11 bottles in its manufacture – that's 11 bottles that do not go into landfill.

One of its best features are the extendable straps at the bottom of the bag, which can be adjusted to fit any size yoga mat. Being a polyester material it is easy to keep clean, lightweight, and also a proportion of your purchasing cost goes to a non-profit organization called 5 GYRES, which promotes the understanding of marine plastic pollution through education, action and exploration.

For something a bit wacky, the Recycled Plastic New Life yoga mat bag certainly stands out from the crowd. It's made in India, (through Conserve India), from old plastic bags - when buying this bag you are helping some of Delhi's poorest slum dwellers. The totes are colorful and every one of them is unique. They have a side zipper, and an adjustable strap which is attached with fasteners so it can be removed if required, and being made from recycled plastic bags, the material has a texture and shiny plastic quality to it. This mat is sold through a company called Worldstock, who represent artisans and craftsmen from around the World. Any profits they make go to fund philanthropic projects in several countries.

Another yoga mat tote bag not to be seen without this season is an old favorite of ours that just keeps on giving - the Gaiam Tree of Life bag. This bag just doesn't seem to want to go out of the top three. The 100% white cotton bag goes with the matching Tree of Life printed mat and drinks bottle. It is fully lined and has magnetic snaps “for easy access and closure”. It may not have all the eco-goodness of the Yogitoes or New Life bag, but it is still a great buy.

So, there you have it. Three on-trend Yoga Mat Tote Bags for this season – go on be a fashionista and not just a fashion follower!