Yoga mat supplies - Where to source 

Where do your source your Yoga mat supplies ?

Whilst we're always advocating that you should shop locally to support your community and independent stores whenever possible, even we have to admit that unless you have a specialty yoga store in your neighborhood, then sourcing yoga mat supplies is always going to be easier if it's done online.

Even the larger sports stores and warehouses don't carry a huge range of yoga products – they may have a few of the more well known brands of mat, such as Reebok or Nike, and a carry strap or two, but if you want something a little more specialized then you are better off searching the web.

Many of the more well-known suppliers of yoga products, such as Manduka or Gaiam, have their own dedicated websites where you can search through all of their products and buy directly from them. Some manufacturers even have product reviews to help you make up your mind if a mat or a bag is likely to suit you. But, in the interests of fairness, you should always try and find an independent review of a product before you commit to buying it. Amazon is a great place to look and see what “real” people think of their yoga purchases, and with the Amazon five star review system it is easy to see at a glance which items are worth all their advertising hype and which should just be put straight in the trash.

But the Internet is also a great place to find sites that are wholly dedicated to selling yoga supplies. These sites work as a store front for many different manufacturers, so that in just one place you can find and compare mats or other pieces of yoga equipment. By looking at a few of these types of site you will more or less find every brand of yoga mat going! And you will be able to see where you can find the best bargains. You will also be able to find those niche products that stores just don't stock – like yoga mat cleaners or even specialist books and DVDs.

The web is definitely the place to go if you are looking to buy your yoga mat supplies in bulk. Purchasing mats or blocks wholesale for a class or studio is much cheaper and easier when done online.

With the whole world just the click of a button away, you can now source yoga mat supplies from anywhere and everywhere. We are living in a commercial age where products that may once have been impossible to get hold of can now be bought directly from the manufacturer – whether they are a multimillion dollar sports company or an artisan craftsman from the other side of the globe.