Yoga Mat Case - For The High Flier

Yoga Mat Case : Every time you travel anywhere you want to be sure your yoga mat is going to be safe, so a yoga mat case is an essential piece of kit. Whether you are just walking a couple of blocks to class, or catching a transatlantic flight to go on a yoga retreat, having your mat in a case will keep it clean and ensure it stays neatly rolled up.

You can go for a tote bag or even a simple strap, but for a touch of luxury a sturdier bag or holder not only looks good, but is also more robust and will last you for longer. And, if you are traveling long-haul, you'll need something that can withstand the knocks it'll have to endure while in the hold!

A particular favorite of ours is the Wai Lana Urban Yoga Mat Bag, with its chic, ultra cool design it's more like a sports bag than a mat bag. This is a very classy case that is large enough to hold not only a mat, but also a towel, drinks bottle and even more. The handles are long enough so that you can comfortably slip them over your shoulder and use as a tote bag should you wish. It comes in pink/black and blue/black – so could be used as a 'his and hers' travel set. The bags are 6.4 x 68.6 x 26.7 cm, so they are large, but without being too bulky.

Manduka make a really nice mat carrier called the MatWare Mat Sleeve. A particularly ingenious feature is the top-loading, U-shaped zippered flap – it means you can get your mat in and out of the bag really easily. It is strong enough for air travel and has loads of storage pockets for the rest of your yoga accessories, including an outer bungee cord to secure a towel or bottle, and metal rings on which you can clip a carabiner to attach your keys, etc. And, it is made from a 100% recycled poly fabric.

Want to be as cool as Jada Pinkett Smith? Then a precious Gucci yoga mat case is a fashion must have. It comes complete with a yoga mat which also has that all important Gucci logo. $$$$$ but what the heck? This one will give you instant celebrity status in class.

OK, we are pulling your leg, but Gucci really do make a yoga mat and carry case, however, your yoga accessories needn't break the bank. If you search around you can buy a perfectly good carrying case for well under $10. There are all types of yoga mat case bags to suit everyone's budget, and they will all keep your mat safe while you are on the move – whether it is in the air or on the sidewalk.