Yoga Mat Bags

Boutique and Designer Yoga Mat Bags

There are some truly fabulous designer yoga mat bags available for real fashionistas - and surprisingly they aren't as expensive as you might at first think. There are plenty of top-ranking names in fashion producing yoga bags that even if you don't buy for yourself, they would make a splendid Christmas or birthday present for someone special.  

Some of the most beautiful bags are made by boutique designers whose handmade creations take their inspiration from nature. You can be sure that with these often unique designs no one else in your class will have anything that looks quite like your designer bag.

Stella McCartney

Designed by Stella McCartney the Adidas Yoga Canvas Bag retails at under $80, which is an absolute bargain for such a world famous English fashion designer. The bag is made from a light gray canvas with two woven handles, silver buckles and a top zip fastening. It looks a million dollars, and hasn't cost the Earth – being manufactured from eco-friendly recycled materials.


We are all familiar with Gaiam's huge range of yoga mats, but they also make fabulous bags as well. Produced from a variety of materials such as bamboo and organic cotton, there are a bags with drawstrings, bags with shoulder straps and tote bags as well.  

The beaded sling yoga mat bag is an interesting design, a 100% white organic cotton canvas material, decorated with hand-beaded flowers in blues, oranges, pinks and greens and with a single shoulder strap. It is made in Vietnam under the Fairtrade program.

Or how about one of their bestsellers? Which is all the more remarkable considering each of these hand-embroidered bags from northern Thailand are unique. When you buy the embroidered bag it also comes with a purple yoga essentials mat, so you are getting a designer bag and a mat at the same time.

Gaiam's batik print bag is another design classic. Made from 100% cotton and with an adjustable shoulder strap, this is a very stylish mat bag.

The Ahimsa sage yoga bag

What a cool designer bag! This is an animal friendly bag that has a faux alligator skin look and satin lining. Made by RoZCoo this handbag inspired design will certainly turn heads. Ahimsa is Sanskrit for “non-violence”.

Louis Vuitton

Not specifically marketed as a yoga bag, but this designer men's collection sports bag could fit a yoga mat inside. The Damier Adventure Practical, made from super light nylon comes in blue or graphite, is 59 cm by 30 cm and when not in use it folds into a pouch that comes with the bag. As you would expect this doesn't come with bargain basement price tag – but it would make a lovely designer yoga mat bag.

Whether you want an international designer fashion house label or a stylish boutique bag, designer yoga mat bags can certainly add a touch of glamor to your workout.