Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

You've spent ages finding the perfect mat. It's the right size, has just enough cushioning, gives you great support and confidence when you are stretching and balancing – but at the end of class you roll it away and fasten it up with a scarf, or a rubber band, or a piece of old string. Surely your yoga mat deserves better treatment than this?

The answer lies in yoga mat bags. Convenient for storing your mat away when it's not being used, convenient for carrying your mat in when traveling to and from classes, and convenient for stopping your mat unraveling while you are on the subway.

Mat bags don't have to be expensive, although you can buy designer bags if you want to make a fashion statement. They can also be environmentally friendly - after all it would be a little bit hypocritical stashing your ecologically friendly mat into a nylon bag, wouldn't it? And yoga mat bags can be fun and funky, with bright colors and striking designs, from pretty and feminine through to geometric masculine.

Can I make my own bag?

As well as the designer bags we've already mentioned, there are many other different styles available. You can purchase a ready made bag, or if you're feeling more creative then the Internet is chock-a-block full of designs and instructions for how to make your very own personal yoga mat bag. If you do decide to make your own bag you could be really green and recycle some old material, or you can go all out for a unique design of your very own. One great advantage with a homemade bag is that it can be sewn to the exact dimensions for your mat and your body. Being of petite frame myself, I know how annoying it is to have over long handles on a bag making it awkward to carry around without it hitting your legs! I guess the opposite is true if you are tall.

A mat bag is also a good idea for so many other reasons.

The pros and cons of using such a bag


It makes it easy to store away your mat when you're not using it

A bag allows you to easily transport your mat around

It will keep your mat clean and dust free when not in use

Mat bags protect your mat from UV damage which can cause rubber to become brittle and perish

They look neat, tidy and pretty when hanging up in your hall

Looking after your mat will extend its life


If your mat is in a bag it may not be able to dry out and “breathe” between classes

Oversize or extra thick mats may not fit a standard sized bag

If your mat is stored away in a bag then the temptation is to not clean it as often as you would a mat that is just rolled – as the saying goes, out of sight out of mind.

On the whole, I would fully recommend treating yourself to a yoga mat bag, as you can see the pros by far outweigh the cons! You don't have to spend too much on one and it will extend the life of your mat.