Wool Yoga Mat - Wool A Miracle Fibre For Anyone

Wool yoga mat for healing and comfort ! Since yoga is all about healing and nurturing, you might like to know that wool's natural healing qualities have been known by holistic practitioners around the world since ancient times. 

Wool has healing, nurturing properties and can enhance the experience of your yoga practice. It is comforting to the soul and can provide cushioning, warmth and a feeling of security. 

Wool has many natural qualities which make it an ideal material from which to make a yoga mat. It is breathable, hard-wearing, has anti-bacterial and dirt repelling properties, and as an environmentally friendly product it is biodegradable, recyclable and comes from a sustainable resource. Aside from these attributes, wool is also wonderfully soft and warm to the touch, and as a manufactured resource, wool has the potential to be an extremely green product.

Wool absorbs 33 % of its own weight in moisture and naturally works to keep your body at the optimum temperature. All of us could do with the luxury of a real pure wool yoga mat or even a blanket !

Feeling warm underfoot, a woollen mat is perfect for maintaining balance and posture. Some also have a rubber or latex underside so that they are non-slip as well. Wool yoga mats are favored by practitioners of Kundalini yoga. The natural feel of wool is said to promote a sense of well-being and harmony with nature that some practitioners find allows them to fall into a deeper meditative state and feel at one with their yoga movements.

Sacred Space

At the luxury end of the market, Sacred Space is a London shop that sells a truly beautiful felted woollen yoga mat at around $150. Sourced in the Himalayas, the wool is organic and unprocessed – which means it is only washed, and not bleached or dyed using harsh chemicals. Consequently the colors are the natural wool colors of the sheep (black, gray and cream). UK retailing guru Mary Portas, describes the Sacred Space company as “Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”, because of their high quality, ethical products.

The Sacred Felt Collection

The Sacred Felt Collection produce a range of woollen mats with unique designs inspired by Gaia (the Earth) and the Cosmos. They will also make custom made mats for you. Their mats are manufactured in the foothills of Mount Shasta, California from local, naturally felted wool, which offers both insulation from the cold floor, and plenty of support in your poses.


Yogabox has a 100% new wool mat, with a natural latex underside. It is made from soft Italian Merino wool. But this mat doesn't just have to be used for yoga, it is also great for meditation, Pilates or just as a soft mat to sit on. At 2m by 75cm, it is a large, roomy wool mat, so suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike.

LifeArt-Yoga mat

Another yoga mat made from Merino wool is the LifeArt-Yoga mat. This a layered mat, the top surface is made from pure Merino wool and the filling is a wool fleece. Then it has an anti-slip underlay composed of a mix of latex and cotton, which has been sewn on to the wool fleece filling. This gives the mat a deep padded quality making sitting or lying postures extremely comfortable – so good for knees and ankles that want a bit of extra protection.

There is something about a woollen mat that just screams luxury. Perhaps it is the soft, warm feel or maybe the padding and support. Either way, a wool yoga mat is a sound ecological choice for any green warrior.

Wool resists dust and since it is non allergic, wool mats can be used by anyone. Wool being a natural fibre is sustainable and bio-degradable and is called the miracle fibre. I do feel like giving myself the gift of a wool yoga mat. I'm sure you do too!