Sanuk Yoga Mat

The Sanuk Yoga Mat – or Should we say Shoe?

The Sanuk Yoga mat is a revolutionary new concept in fitness. The first thing you will notice about the Sanuk is that it isn't actually a mat, well not a mat as you would expect it to be. This one is actually a pair of sandals. Yes, as in sandals that are worn on the feet!

Made from yoga mats, this funky footwear range is manufactured by the award-winning company, Sanuk. They manufacture a whole variety of footwear styles for men, women and children, their most well-known product being the “Yoga Mat”. This is a women's sandal, available in ten different colors, and the over-strap is a synthetic leather, making these both vegetarian and vegan friendly - in fact this is true of most of their range.

The concept behind these products is to provide a really comfortable and stable shoe, but with all the cushioning you would expect from a yoga mat. The company have a tongue in cheek sales pitch that suggests if you've no time to hit the mats you can wear the sandals and “feel like you haven't missed a pose”. The whole Sanuk range are very popular among people with foot or lower leg injuries, because of the support they offer in the arch of the foot. We all know that having comfortable feet all day long makes you feel less tired and more energetic in a way that only a yoga session can invigorate you.

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

For Women

There are sandals and flip-flips (thongs) to choose from with names such as Yoga Gossip, Yoga Glam, Yoga Rain Dance or even the Yoga Sport. Each one has a Yoga Mat foot-bed and a synthetic outer sole. Ranging in price from $16 to $48, there is a sandal and style to fit every budget.

There is also a product range that Sanuk call their “Sidewalk Surfers”. These are a more traditional deck shoe style and are available in a variety of patterned canvas uppers. For summer wear, there are lightweight options such as the Laurel, and for those of us in colder climates there are styles that even have a “faux shearing chill liner”, such as the Scribble Chill or the Pick Pocket Fleece.

For Men

Men can choose from 34 different sandals and flip-flops, ranging from $14 to $40. Sanuk have divided these up into seven distinct styles: Beer Cozies, Fraids, Leather, Phylon, R.A.S.T.A, Roots and The Fundamentals. The Happy Hour from the Beer Cozies line is a stylish black and green - smart enough for an evening out. While the Kickstart and Bubbler come from The Fundamentals style.

As with the women's shoes, the men can also look trendy and feel comfortable in a pair of Sidewalk Surfers - with over 40 styles to choose from.

For Children

Not to be left out, the sandal, flip-flop and Sidewalk Surfers can also be bought in children's sizes. From a funky pink and orange Ibiza flip-flop they can wear to the beach, through to a Standard Kids Sidewalk Surfer that they can wear to school.

The Sanuk Yoga Mat sandal is well worth a try, obviously it isn't really like a taking a yoga class on the go – but for the comfort and cushioning these shoes offer you with their yoga mat surface they really can be quite relaxing to wear.