Reebok Yoga Mat

Reebok Yoga Mat From Reebok!

A cheap and good brand name!

A Reebok yoga mat is one of the cheaper options on the market. A multinational company like Reebok can mass produce their products at a lower price and then pass on these savings to the customer. So if you want a cheap brand name mat then you won't go far wrong with one of these.

Reebok Eco Yoga Mat

The Reebok Eco Yoga Mat (183cm x 60cm x 4mm), is a synthetic foam construction made from recycled materials in an environment that is 100% toxin free. It has no latex or PVC and is also biodegradable. It promotes itself as having a “special” sticky surface that enables you to improve and develop your yoga. I agree the surface is sticky, but I'm not sure what was so special about it, I've used plenty of other mats that are just like it. The mat is however durable, wears well and it's easy to clean down after a yoga class.

Reebok Performance Fitness Mat

Another of their products is the Reebok Performance Fitness Mat (130cm x 580cm x 1cm), not strictly a yoga mat per se, but I've included it in my review because I have seen it used by students. I think that the eco-EVA foam construction and the 1cm thickness is appealing to a lot of practitioners, this is about 5-6mm thicker than a standard yoga mat, so if you want extra cushioning then this mat would be perfect. It is heavy though, and as it is a three-fold mat it doesn't roll up – so it's bulky as well. Not a mat for carrying on the subway! But if you travel to class by car, I know many students that don't live in big cities do, then it's fine. It does have a fitted velcro shoulder strap, and has a breathable mesh bottom. It's a little too big for my tastes, but I do completely see why it is such a popular choice, and as fitness mats go, it is one of the best.

Reebok Core Mat

A bit more basic is the Reebok Core Mat (173cm x 61cm x 4mm). This is a sticky yoga mat with a carry strap. It is marketed as a mat for general floor work including yoga, Pilates and stretching after cardio-sessions. One up from this mat is the Reebok Deluxe Fitness Mat (173cm x 61cm x 6mm) also with a carry strap, but slightly thicker. It is a reversible foam mat that rolls up and has its own carry strap. Both are great yoga mats, and very competitively priced.

Reebok Fitness Mats

There are a bewildering amount of mats by Reebok, some are targeted at the yoga practitioner, but many are just more general purpose fitness mats, so be aware of this when purchasing a Reebok yoga mat and make sure you buy one that is robust and non-slip enough for yoga. Other than that I think these are well priced, and good all round mats.