Prana Yoga Mats

Prana Yoga Mats

A Review of this Popular Mats

For the last few weeks I've been testing out some prAna yoga mats so I can tell you how well they stand up in my yoga class. In ancient Sanskrit prAna means breath, life and vitality of the spirit. The company has been around for two decades and places a high focus on the sustainability and eco-nature of their products. Working from the cheapest mat they sell through to the more expensive, there is a choice of four different mats in a whole variety of earthy colors.

Nomad Travel Mat $38

Exactly as it says, this is a fold-able, lightweight mat that will fit comfortably into your suitcase or bag. It has a textured surface on both sides, is 3/16” thick and 72” by 26” in size, and is made from an enviro-friendly thermal plastic elastomer. I found it fine to use, it wasn't the grippiest mat I've ever tried but it was certainly not the worst! I think I'd rather not use it for high impact yoga but as a decent, hard wearing travel mat it is a great buy.

E.C.O. Yoga Mat $48

This is exactly the same as the travel mat in terms of dimensions, 3/16” thick and 72” by 26”. Made in a toxic free manufacturing process, what you are buying here is something a bit more eco-conscious. It performed well when I used it in class, prAna say it has natural anti-slip properties and I did find that it gripped well and I could hold my postures firmly, but again I wouldn't use it for anything vigorous. A lot of people talk about its “luxurious” nature, it does feel nice on your feet, very soft and it looks very stylish as well. And it can make you feel a bit better about yourself – for every mat sold prAna make a donation to 'Yoga for Unity'. (A film highlighting how yoga is helping to raise awareness of poverty and violence in Kenya.)

Natural Yoga Mat $68

This really is what I'd call an environmentally friendly mat. Made from two layers of cotton sandwiched between three laminated layers of natural rubber, this mat is fully biodegradable. It is just over 1/8” thick and is longer than the previous two at 78” by 26”. I certainly found the longer mat a lot more suitable for me (but I am tall!). The rubber layers stretch in three ways creating a very stable surface

Revolution Natural Sticky Mat $90

The bigger brother of the Natural Yoga Mat, this one is an extra 4” wider at 78” by 30” and just over an 1/8” thick - perfect for the eco-warrior. Being an oversize mat it really suited my body frame, although I'm fairly compact with my movements I do like to know I've got the extra space should I need it. It is quite heavy but because of that it felt very secure underfoot, and did not roll up at the edges or move about at all.

I'm very impressed with the prana yoga mats I've tried out. They wear well and you get a lot of mat for your dollar. Overall I'd say that I preferred the larger sized ones, but the others were all equally as good.