Nike Yoga Mat Big Name To Choose From

Two Nike Yoga Mats on Trial!

I'm guessing these yoga mats are one of the big names everyone has heard of! If not, where have you been for the last five decades?

Predictably, with such a huge global company comes a globally sized advertizing budget, so these mats make it onto the shelves of most of the big name sports chains and stores all across the world. But I wanted to see if a mass produced mat was any different to a mat from a smaller manufacturer. Obviously the volumes that Nike shift mean that they are going to be priced a lot more competitively than a boutique company, so I can see why they appeal to the customer looking for a cheap yoga mat.

Nike Yoga Mat Reviews

I tested out one and asked my friend Sue to try the other. Here's what we discovered.

Nike Yogirl Yoga/Pilates Mat– tested by Sue

The name already told me that this wasn't going to be a mat destined for any vigorous yoga moves – if you can share it with Pilates then you are looking at the gentler side of yoga.

It is 1/8” thick and 66” by 26”, so a bit on the small side as well. It comes with its own attached carry strap. I did like the embossed center line which really helped with my body alignment. It did smell a bit rubbery, but I'm sure that would fade with time, and it was very easy to clean. I was skeptical, but actually it is a really good mat, especially for beginners. Nike sell it for $65 online but I've seen it cheaper elsewhere on the net.

Nike Dual-Sided Yoga Mat – tested by me

Wow! This is a good price, which is sold online for $30. Its dual sides mean it has two levels of grip and firmness and great traction. OK, so it is a bit on the small side 66” by 24”, and in an ideal world I'd like it better if it also came in an extra large size, but for the money I'm not complaining.

This mat is very, very grippy – so if you don't like this then you've been warned. And at just 1/8” thick it was a bit hard on my knees. But, I do like the funky design! Like Sue found with the Yogirl, this one did smell a bit too. It says it is PVC and Latex free, so it is just the smell of the rubber, and it did get better the more I used it – I think just unrolling it and airing it for a while helped.

Thumbs Up On Nike Yoga Mats

So our verdict? Sue and I give both of these Nike yoga mats a big thumbs up!