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A review of the top M.. yoga mats!

I love Manduka yoga mats, not just because they are great mats but because of what the company stands for as well. Its mission is to 1. Love, 2. Unite and invite all, 3. Nuture our planet, 4. Joyology and 5. Celebrate design. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot cleverly worded advertising nonsense, but the company does stand up to scrutiny. Based in Europe but with stores all across the US as well, they are committed to environmentally friendly practices and products. Among the most popular mats they have to offer are:

The Black MatPRO

Often referred to as the Rolls Royce of yoga mats, this ever popular product comes with a lifetime guarantee. At 1/4” thick it offers a firm cushioning surface with a non-slip fabric-like surface and it has been one of the most popular mats in the US for the last 12 years. Manduka claim it's the mat of choice for yoga teachers across the world, and I would tend to agree. I love mine. The price may seem on the high side, but it is extremely durable and won't need replacing like other brands. Click the image for more details: 

Manduka BM PRO 300x250

The PROlite® Mat

This is lighter than the Black MatPRO, weighing in at just 4lbs and offers the same high performance but in a lightweight form. At 3/16” thick it still provides perfectly adequate cushioning for all forms of yoga and also has the superb non-slip features that its bigger brother has - but at a much lower price of $72. Some of my older students prefer this because it is easier for carrying to and from class, especially on the subway!

The eKO® Mat

As the name suggests, this mat is ideal for students (and teachers) who want to be as green as they possibly can. Made from non-Amazonian, biodegradable tree rubber with no PVC or toxic plasticizers, it is both gentle on your body and the planet. It has a sea-grass textured finish to aid traction and balance - even with slippery hands and feet! It sells at a very reasonable $76. But if you want to go even lighter try the eKO Lite® Mat, all the same ingredients but weighing in at only 3.5lbs and $46. You want something even lighter than that? The eKO SuperLite® Travel Mat is only about 2lbs! So it will even fold into your purse! Click here to read more: 

eKO SuperLite® Travel Mat from Manduka

Manduka yoga mats are leading the way in environmentally friendly design, and it helps that all of their mats are also well made and fit for purpose. If you are looking for a mat with good eco credentials than I'd go for a Manduka.