Manduka Yoga Mat

A Manduka yoga mat can be a possession. It is something that is made with lots of care for the planet. The mission statement of Manduka being 'love, invite and unite all, nurture our planet, joyology and celebrate design'. Manduka the company takes care to manufacture their mats in an ecological sustainable manner. If you are interested to know more, click the image below: 

Manduka Best Ever-2013

If I had to recommend one Manduka mat to you it would be the Black Mat Pro

the best-selling, thick yoga mat is really comfortable to practice on as it is dense and cushions the body well. It is made of high quality finish and has an overall simply and tidy look to it. This mat is good for the regular practitioner and can last long while as the makers guarantee it for life. So it must be good. It is the kind of mat you would keep at home and not carry around with you since it can be heavier than your average light weight mat.

Yoga is not an easy discipline to follow simply because it takes lots of discipline to do. As the Patanjali yoga sutras say, discipline should happen naturally out of the love of the practice. I have found that when we pay special attention to the materials we use for our practice it enhances our reverence for the practice. For instance paying attention to the clothes we wear for yoga or meditation, paying attention to the space and its cleanliness and paying attention to the yoga mat we practice on. It does pay off to pay that attention to seemingly small details.

There are several excellent mats to choose from and we are happy to take you on that journey. As mentioned earlier, this special mat was made to last. You will appreciate it especially when used on hard mosaic, or stone floors. It can be used however on any surface.

You will be comfortable and confident to take on any yoga pose whether inverted positions or balancing positions.

This mat can be cleaned easily with any soap solution, which makes it easy to take care of. So a great plus on all fronts.

Manduka is a Sanskrit word which means frog. Ever wondered why the mat is called Manduka? If you know why do post your views! We understand that Manduka is a Sanskrit word which means frog. If you are keen to buy the mat, you may click on the image below:

Manduka Best Ever-2013

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