Yet More Natural Products Like Jute to choose from - Jute Yoga Mats...

Jute Yoga Mats - Environmentally Friendly Mats

Among the most environmentally friendly products you can buy are are made of jute. Mats made from jute are 100% recyclable and biodegradable making them a great eco choice. Jute is easy to grow, sustainable, and does not require any fertilizers - which makes it a perfect, organically grown cash crop.

What is Jute?

Jute is a plant that is grown throughout the world. It has soft fibers which can be manufactured to produce a soft but strong material. It is a common material that is often used for making clothing in Asia and the Middle East. In the US you are probably most familiar with it as a canvas or burlap bag, whilst in the UK it is often produced in the form of sackcloth or hessian. Jute is naturally breathable and forms high tensile threads, making it durable and also lightweight.

Are JY Mats Comfortable to Use?

Depending on how it is processed, jute can either be soft or coarse, and while you may be gaining by having an environmentally sound product, you may have to forgo a little of the softness of a cotton or rubber yoga mat. But it's by no means uncomfortable, and it doesn't smell in the way that rubber mats often do.

Many practitioners choose to place these mats over another, for perhaps a more padded mat. The advantage being that the jute will not move about as much. Personally, I quite like jute mats with a slightly rougher texture. You can really feel them beneath your body, giving you greater awareness of your movements and positioning. (And yes, if I do use one I will put a sticky yoga mat underneath.)

There are several companies that produce jute yoga mats.

The Colourfree Natural Jute Mat by Tribal Earth Woven and manufactured in the UK using 100% natural jute. With a rubber coating on the underside it gives excellent grip and is 4mm in thickness. This is also produced as a travel mat with a slightly thinner rubber backing at just 2mm.Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is made with 100% natural jute fibers combined (meshed) with PER – a phthalate free plastic. It has a non-slip rubber underside and performs well for all styles of yoga.

The ecoYoga jute mat

Manufactured in the UK from jute grown in India and Bangladesh. These mats have been designed with a loose, soft weave and are 4mm thick, with a textured practice surface and a rubber underside for extra grip on hard floors. Contains latex, and is fully biodegradable (or compostable as the UK manufacturers like to say).

German company,Yogabox, sell a 100% jute yoga mat in four colors, pink, olive, beige and blue.

Thus, such natural yoga mats are easily among the most environmentally friendly yoga mats that can be bought. Ranging in price from about $70 upwards they are a good investment for you and the planet.