Could be One Of The Leading Envirement Friendly Mats The Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Mat reviews from my friends.

They say it is environmental friendly  these Jade Mats

If you've not heard someone talking about a Jade yoga mat, then you must be walking around half-asleep! This environmentally friendly company has been producing some fantastic mats for over 10 years. Popular with Yogis worldwide, beginners, advanced and teachers, these mats are well worth all the hype. I asked three of my friends to tell you about their favorite Jade mat and why they like them so much.

Jade Encore mat

Sahaj, 30, practicing Hatha yoga for 3 years. I joined a local yoga class to relax and improve my body and spirit, but I also found that I met a lot of new like-minded friends, and became part of a thriving community. I use a Jade Encore mat for two reasons: 1. I'm really conscious of environmental issues and where possible I try to be as green as I can be. The Encore is the first yoga mat to contain recycled rubber and so is extremely eco-friendly. And 2. I like it! What I mean is that it's very comfortable, I find it grips well and doesn't slide about, it stays non-slippy all the way through class and it is hard wearing – which is also another green bonus as I don't need to replace it as often as other mats. It is more than capable of coping well with Hatha Yoga, I'm very happy with it and wouldn't consider using anything else!

Jade Elite mat

Ben, 32, practicing Ashtanga Yoga for 5 years. I practice Power Yoga three times a week and use a Jade Elite mat. I've had this for over a year and it is only now just showing a few signs of wear, scuff marks and such, but nothing bad, in fact it is still as springy as it was when new. My Elite is 3/16” thick, and 24” wide by 74” long, but I know that it comes in other sizes as well (24” and 28” width, and 68”, 74” and 80” length). It is a charcoal color on the top and is silver on the bottom. Even when the moves are at their most intense the Elite doesn't move across the floor, so I feel secure and safe with all my postures. I've had other mats before this one but this is definitely my favorite.

Jade Fusion Yoga and Pilates mat

Nadine, 57 practicing Hatha Yoga for 22 years and Pilates for 7 years. I use the Jade Fusion Yoga and Pilates mat because I take classes in both disciplines. I used to use two different mats but when I saw this one on the Jade website I thought I'd try it. I was really pleasantly surprised, it is robust enough for Yoga and also cushioned enough for my Pilates classes. It was more expensive than a lot of other mats, but I think it was worth the extra money.

Worth The Price

I've yet to meet someone who is unhappy with their Jade yoga mat. This company is going from strength to strength. As Nadine says, the mats may cost a little more but what you are getting is a high quality, hard wearing product.