Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Reviewing the J.H Yoga Mat.

The Jade Harmony yoga mat is part of the Jade range of products. Jade Yoga are a wholly US based company, and all their mats are made sustainably in the USA using natural rubber tapped from carefully sourced trees. This environmentally friendly company will also plant a new tree for every mat it sells.

The Harmony professional yoga mat

The Harmony professional yoga mat is Jade's most popular premium mat, and a favorite among Yoga teachers and pupils worldwide. It is 3/16” thick, which was plenty cushioning enough for me even on the half-shoulder stand where I can usually feel the floor through my mat.

It's available in two lengths 68” and 74”, and a variety of different colors (purple, black, midnight blue, Tibetan orange, olive green, slate blue). Following on from the success of the Harmony, Jade also now produce the Harmony XW Yoga Mat 27” (extra wide) in three lengths 68”, 74” and 80” and the Harmony XXW Yoga mat 30” (extra, extra wide) available in two lengths 68” and 74”.

Wide Choice of Jade Mats

This means in terms of size there are seven different combinations to choose from - which is what gives these mats such broad appeal, finding the right size has suddenly become a whole lot easier!

The open-cell natural rubber construction makes them incredibly slip-resistant, even when damp and they are all well cushioned. The dense surface feel has just enough give to ensure my feet stay firmly where I put them. This confidence in my mat has definitely improved my balance and I can maintain my hold postures for a lot longer now. One of my class members is pregnant, and she uses a Jade Harmony XW, 68”. She says she finds the mat is really comfortable, plenty spacious, and with a spongy give to it that is coping with her gradual increase in size!

Washable Jade Yoga Mats

The harmony mats are durable and hard wearing, making them ideal for hot yoga like Ashtanga and Bikram. They are also easy to clean down after a hard class, with soap and warm water. I rinse mine down in the shower and let it dry either inside or in a shady place outdoors. And although the rubber smell was quite strong at first, it does fade and I hardly notice it at all now.

Environmental Friendly Jade Mat

I find I keep comparing it to the Black Mat because that's what I'm more used to. The Jade Harmony yoga mat is much lighter and rolls up smaller, making it easier to carry around, and its probably a bit stickier, but in terms of performance I'd say they're fairly similar. In terms of “enviro-friendliness” the Jade may just edge it for me.