Ahh the luxuriously natural Hemp Yoga Mat

The advantages of choosing a hemp yoga mat are many.

Have you ever heard of a hemp yoga mat or considered buying one for doing your yoga asanas ? No, neither had I, that is until I did a bit of research and discovered just how environmentally friendly they can be. They can feel oh so natural as well.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a fibrous plant of the genus Cannabas, and it is the variety Cannabis sativa that is used in the textile fiber industry. It is among the very first domesticated plants that has been identified archaeologically, dating back to at least the 5th century BC. Although a member of the same family from which recreational drugs and medicines are made, Cannabis sativa contains no psychoactive properties.

Because of its high tensile strength, hemp was traditionally used to make rope and cord, and had its heyday during the age of sail. A sustainable, recyclable and 100% biodegradable product it is a totally environmentally friendly resource.

Although not common, there are quite a growing number of hemp yoga mats on the market. At Rawganiques, the European hemp that is used is 100% organic and is also marketed as being “sweatshop-free”, meaning that the manufacturing process is professionally and ethically sound. Their hemp yoga and meditation mats are hand woven, PVC and synthetic free and are available in five different colors. Best used over the top of a non-slip mat, this hemp mat is suitable for all types of yoga including hot yoga because the natural hemp fibers absorb sweat and moisture without becoming wet and slippery.

For something boutique and custom made, The House of Hemp will make you a 100% hemp fabric mat, stitched with silk thread in a quilted style with an inner wadding made of cotton. These deluxe yoga mats are made to order in the UK. As they are made to your own specifications, so the size and thickness will be entirely up to you.

Hemp yoga products are part of a rapidly growing market. Although you may be limited in your choice of yoga mats at present this will not be the case for long. In the meantime though, you may have to satisfy for your desire for a hemp product by buying a hemp yoga mat bag instead. Or perhaps a hemp strap or sling that you can use to fasten and carry your mat with. The advantages of a hemp bag or strap product mean that your yoga mat is being carried or stored in a totally breathable product, so it will air naturally between classes.

The environmental credentials of hemp are far too good to ignore, so if you are serious about environmental issues then a hemp mat could be perfect for you.