Harmony Yoga Mat

Harmony Yoga Mat Reviews

- some personal reviews

Carla, 26, Admin Assistant, Canterbury I use a Harmony Yoga Mat on my wooden floor at home, and I'm really pleased with it. I've suffered from bad knees ever since I fell off a horse when I was 15, so I need to wear knee supports when I exercise, and I also need to use a firm mat that I can't feel the floor through. My Harmony is 3/16” thick and I can honestly say that it has been wonderful to use. It has a soft feel, yet is resistant at the same time – I can hold my poses for a far longer than I was able to with my last mat. It rolls up well, but because of its thickness it is not as small as other mats, and is a bit heavier, but this doesn't bother me because its such a good mat.

Hatha Yoga

Ben, 46, personal trainer, Santa Monica I practice Hatha Yoga as a way of winding down after my day job. The breathing and the meditation have become a habit for me now and I feel unsettled and “wired” if I miss a session. At first I just used a basic mat, but my Yoga instructor said I should try a Jade Harmony. I've never looked back. I am secure in my balances, my feet feel firmly planted, and when it comes to spinal twists and shoulder stands, there is enough resistance in my mat to make the poses stable.

Wide Yoga Mats

Hans, 42, Iyengar Yoga Instructor, London Iyengar Therapy Yoga is a method that can treat emotional disorders as well as musculo-skeletal problems. My classes are taught in either one-to-one sessions, or small groups of 3-4 people, and I'm often working with complete beginners. I recommend to all my pupils that they should buy a Harmony mat. With beginners, until their movements and poses become more controlled, they often need the extra space - these mats give them that bit of extra room so if they make a mistake they still stay on the mat.

Regular Practice Wonderful Mat

Reuben, 61, retired, St Augustine, FL My family has a history of back pain and arthritis. Although I can't do anything to stop the onset of arthritis, I can do something to lesson its effects by making sure my spine is as supple and young as it can possibly be at my age. I'm still very flexible and I know this is down to my regular Yoga sessions. I use a Harmony mat because I need a mat that grips the floor, doesn't move about and stays sticky all the way to the end of a class. If I were to overbalance or slip, the outcome could have severe consequences for my lower back. I feel safe and steady when I use my Harmony yoga mat, it means I can concentrate on my breathing and mind rather than on where my feet are.