Gaiam Yoga Mat Designs

Funky Gaiam Yoga Mat Designs

If you want something a bit different from your yoga mat, then take a look at some of the Gaiam yoga mat designs over on the Gaiam website. While I appreciate that yoga is about the body, I'm also aware it's about your mind and spirit, and I know I feel better when I have beautiful, well-designed things around me. To me, functional and ergonomic doesn't mean it can't be pretty as well.

The Essentials mat for instance comes “in colors to match any chakra”, for me it would be the purple, although I also like the orangeade and the sun yellow... in fact any of them would be OK! I just like the trendy bright colors and textured surface. This is the company's best-selling mat at $21.98.

For something a bit more calming, there is is the Karmic Bliss. This is a latex free, black mat with a printed Buddha-inspired design to help you on your way to enlightenment. Personally I prefer the Tree of Life mat, for which you can get a matching mat bag and aluminum water bottle. All very stylish and co-ordinated. Or, what about the in-your-face-pink Dragonfly Hydrangea mat - so exquisitely girly and fun, but durable too. At 3mm thick it is a little on the thin side for me, I prefer something with a bit more padding underneath me. Other inspired designs include the Prosperity Print, the Tie Dye, Bloom, Chakra, Wisdom and Flower of Life. The Zen Garden print mat is a delicious Japanese-inspired design.

There are more masculine styles available. The Peace on Earth print mat being one, and also the Extra Long Cabernet mat at 72”. My boyfriend favors the 2 in 1, this is a 3.5mm dual-sided mat made for both hot and traditional yoga, with non-slip PVC on one side and ultra-absorbent microfibers on the other. It has a quilted surface for extra comfort and support, is a very manly green color, and as an added bonus for all you boys, it's machine washable!

What really caught my eye though, (and my boyfriend's), was the Audio Yoga Mat. How cool is that? This is the first of its kind in yoga mats, it has a small inbuilt speaker which means you can practice or mediate with your own music playing on your MP3 or iPod. Or, you can download a yoga class and then work-out in the privacy of your own home – it's like having your own personal yoga instructor. The Audio mat comes in green with a koi carp print design and is 4mm thick.

Gaiam yoga mats are definitely at the cutting edge of product design and technology. And with their prints inspired by nature and spirituality, they are both beautiful to look at and to use.