Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton Yoga Mats - Traditional Style -for your to try!

If, like me, you value the natural world, then you will be interested in this fabulous selection of 100% cotton yoga mats. Cotton is one of the most ecologically sound materials available, sustainable, fully recyclable and cheap.

Unlike a rubber yoga mat, the wetter a cotton mat gets the more it will grip! In fact some Yogis will spray their cotton mats before they use them so that they have a firm grip right from the beginning of the class. Cotton mats are therefore often recommended for practitioners of hot yogas, such as Ashtanga or Bikram, where they will absorb sweat. I've seen them commonly used over the top of a non-slip mat, providing a double thickness mat which is both cushioned and absorbent. They are more robust than yoga towels, which can also be used on top of a mat, because they are heavier and do not tend to bunch up when you move about. And, even when wet, they provide extra grip for slippery palms and feet.

Cotton Yoga Mats

Traditional Yogis will only use a cotton mat, (without the sticky mat underneath). The fact that these yoga mats may move about is said to promote better awareness of the body and balance because the practitioner has to be extremely exact and precise with their postures and movements. But if your reality is that you exercise on a laminate or wooden floor, then you will probably feel more confident using a sticky mat underneath.

Mysore practice mat

There is a certain amount of street cred associated with having a cotton mat for your yoga practice. Especially if it has come from a well-known Indian yoga school or region, such as Mysore. So, if you want something really authentic then a Mysore practice mat is the cotton mat to purchase. These brightly colored striped mats have been used in India for centuries, especially for Hatha yoga. Sri K Pattabhi Jois famously recommended Mysore practice mats for Ashtanga style yogas.

Cotton Dhurrie

If you want the kudos of an authentic Indian mat, then the Cotton dhurrie from Yogamatters is produced in India from handwoven cotton and is 2m by 75cm, so will happily fit over the top of a standard non-slip mat. It comes in a stripey design in three main colors, navy, green and eggplant. Being cotton it is of course machine washable.

Cotton Yoga Rug

I think the Trident Cotton Yoga Rug is a very masculine-looking product, with a long, interwoven trident line running the full length of the mat. Great for aligning yourself on when getting into poses. It is handwoven and made from a coarse weave cotton, measures 2m by 70cm and is available in blue, black or red. Unlike the Yogamatters dhurrie, this mat is hand wash only in cold water because of the dark colors.

Inexpensive, Eco-Friendly

Cotton mats are inexpensive and eco-friendly, use them on their own if you feel confident or are an advanced practitioner, or place them over a sticky yoga mat for extra comfort. They look stylish and they don't harm the planet, what's not to like about them?