Manduka Black Yoga Mat

The Manduka Black Yoga Mat

Manduka originally produced a mat they called the Black Yoga Mat, although they later renamed it to the Black Mat PRO – but devotees tend to use the names interchangeably. And this mat really does have some hardcore fans! It would seem that once used forever smitten – this mat has been around for 12 years and is still a best seller, so there must be something about it that sends yogis wild.

Specifications for the Black Mat PRO

This is a thick, well-cushioned mat that offers superior comfort and as such it weighs in at quite a hefty 7 lbs. So perhaps not the first choice as a travel mat but excellent for studio and class use. It is 26” wide and 1/4” thick and comes in two lengths, the standard being 71” and the long 85”. Manduka say that this mat is “engineered for sustainability” by which they mean it is hard-wearing and will not degrade - they even offer a lifetime guarantee against wear and tear.

Along with the dot pattern on the under surface to prevent sliding, it has a fabric-like upper surface to ensure that with light perspiration is retains a non-slip quality. This mat is made from a high-density cushioned material so that every pose and balance can be made without fear of sliding and potentially injuring yourself.

Ecological specifications

This Manduka black yoga mat is Oeko-Tex certified and is manufactured in a process that ensures there are no toxic emissions released into the atmosphere. Oeko-Tex is a recognized certification used in the textiles and clothing industry that guarantees a “globally uniform standard for the objective assessment of harmful substances”.

Its durability means that it is designed to last a lifetime, and therefore by default it reduces the number of PVC mats that go into landfill.

It is a favorite among yoga teachers and can be used for all types of yoga, including hot yoga. And, because they contain no latex the PRO mats are suitable for those with allergies. One of the things you hear users of the black mat say is that its performance improves with use. But because it takes a while to “wear in” it is not recommended for beginners.

You will struggle to find anyone giving a poor review of the Manduka black yoga mat, it always comes highly recommended and has a solid and loyal fan base – which is always a good sign when you are looking for a quality product. It thoroughly deserves its 5-star rating.