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We offer advice on the best yoga mats and also on yoga classes. It does take a lot of discipline to keep practising Yoga everyday and a good yoga mat can motivate us all! If you have any questions regarding what sort of yoga to do or the benefits that certain postures or Asanas can give - we will be happy to help.

Sri Sri Yoga

This is a very special traditional form of yoga introduced by the Art of Living Foundation. It is a pure and authentic form of yoga. It is a complete discipline where the ancient wisdom and techniques of Yoga are presented in a joyful, playful and yet thorough manner. 

There is a combination of both gentle and vigorous series of asanas which keep the body strong and healthy. 

Equal emphasis is placed on techniques for nurturing the mind and the spirit.

We offer these 5 day workshops in Ireland.

Best Yoga Mats & Classes 

With all the stress that builds up in offices, we will be happy to do Yoga classes in Cooperate Offices, Spas & Clubs. 

As a voluntary teacher of the Art of Living Foundation, I along with my fellow volunteers conduct  these two wonderful Workshops for young people:

We do Special Youth Empowerment Seminars a.k.a Yes! for children 14-18 years of age and the All Round Training in Excellence a.ka. ART Excel for kids 8-13. These sessions usually run for five to seven consecutive days of 3-5 hours each. Unlike any other course taught in schools, these courses teach young people how to deal with their emotions. They are in fact given certain tools -like breathing techniques to handle their mind and emotions! 

I have taught these courses in the Caribbean Islands and the Art of Living courses were very well received! I also had a nice time staying there by the sunny beaches in St.Martin and Aruba. This happened while I went to attend a conference organized by Solo Build It.

For now, classes can be held anywhere in Ireland and we will be happy to send our teacher to you. We invite parents, school principals and school teachers to get in touch with us for this amazing experience for your children! By the way we hear from Teachers themselves, that it is a joy to teach the children after they have undergone one of these courses. 

We will be happy to guide and help you with Special Yoga classes for all age groups. For details on the quality yoga mats or the best yoga classes do get in touch!

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