My Best Yoga Mat Would be...

The Best Yoga Mat I would vote for would be one of the eco-friendly and natural ones. Natural materials tend to be good for the practitioner or yogi as well. Such products also make you 'feel' good.

The best ones can also be cheap like some of those nice crispy clean cotton mats. They come in various forms and called by various names like rugs, cotton mats, cotton carpets. When they come in the right size they can be quite comfortable and suitable for yoga.

Best Yoga Mat? There is a huge selections of mats to choose from. From the small town of Pattamadai in India which makes exotic straw mats to the silk Kashmir mats made lovingly and painstakingly by young and old  - the craft being handed down through generations. By the way Yoga was a way of life in India generations ago.

Then we have stories of the modern new yoga mats. The light weight easy to carry mats, the  sticky yoga mats and more. It does take a lot of discipline and motivation to do yoga practice everyday. So it would be wise to invest in a comfortable yoga mat. It will be something you are going to use everyday hopefully, so choose one that is not difficult to keep clean, not difficult to wash once in a while and not difficult to store away when not in use.

If I had to choose one yoga mat, I would choose an ordinary rubber mat. For a more luxurious feel I would choose the silk mat in combination with a rubber mat underneath which also gives a springy effect.

Here in this site we will be bringing you stories of the the various types and styles of yoga mats that are being used round the globe. So we invite readers to send us your reviews which will be shared here.

Have fun browsing the site!