Yoga and Yoga Mats.
  Make the Mat of Your Life.

 Yoga Mats are simple equipment that can take life to new heights.

Daily discipline of just half an hour can make us new in a matter of days.

So more about mats...

Initially it does take a huge amount of discipline to practice Yoga. It is only gradually, and with lots of years of experience, and discipline, that it will become second nature.

So you will see that getting a good mat can really matter.

You will simply want to practice. So go on get yourself the best, most comfortable mat and begin doing your asanas every single day. 

 You can change your life ! Let go of all excess physical and mental baggage, with just a mat to practice with.

If you are reading this, you already know the power of Yoga. You understand the benefits of Yoga on all the 7 levels of existence.

A practice mat can make all the difference, to motivate you to practice everyday.

The best yoga mats: They Keep you grounded and centered. Allows balance and coordination. Cushions the body and Prevents injuries.  Preserves the energy in the body from draining away - as you feel more secure and comfortable.

It is important to choose the best, so lets not take these mats for granted. It is this humble mat that can lead people to a great successful and happy life. Your mat can mobilize you to doing your regular yoga asanas and achieving great success in life, by realizing your full potential. Give it a pride of place and see wonders happening.

The benefits of yoga are truly immense.

Some of the benefits: Feel at peace Be centered Have a great posture Lose weight Trim and Tone the body Be radiantly healthy ...

Practicing Yoga does take a huge amount of discipline, and what really makes it easy is possessing the right tools ! I don't compromise on that. I even use different mats for different places. So I do have sticky mats as well as straw mats and even a silk mat for that heavenly sattvic feel.

Imagine having a beautiful outfit. Wouldn't you wait for that special occasion to wear it ? It is the same with possessing something special. You look forward to using it.

Doing Yoga is a hard enough discipline. I make it easier by choosing the best equipements that will enhance my practice. The special accessories to make me want to practice.

An excellent rug or mat, not just an average one, is a sure fire way to keep anyone motivated.

Yoga has tremendous benefits. More than we can every imagine. Yoga can keep us trim and toned, slim and healthy with strong bones and muscles, and a flexible and nimble body. Yoga is anti-aging and will make the regular practitioner look and feel younger, and have tremendous energy.

So, let's not let a yoga mat stop us from doing our daily practice.

Do it for just half an hour a day and we are still sure to derive immense benefits from it. You may read the stories here in this site from very experience yoga teachers and what they have to say about their mats.

Here I am including all the yoga mats that I know of. If you have used a mat and have loved it, please share your experience with us and let others. We we will include your words here on this site.

You may send us a picture of yourself doing a posture on your favorite yoga mat, and we will add it here.